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I guess my odd behaviour comes down to human nature [entries|friends|calendar]
Junior Kickstart

Junior Kickstart
you could say it's borderline fanatic.
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big pimpin' [
  //  Tuesday, August 28, 2007; 12:15 am
Dear Internet:

Threadless is having a sale. If you want to go buy wicked shirts for $10, use this link so that I can get free shirts:


Thank you. Return to the important crap you were probably doing before.

biggie was right:
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another episode of Kids Who Think Too Much dinner theatre [
  //  Wednesday, April 4, 2007; 8:30 pm
doing the panic says:
this will give you mocking material for weeks, but here:
doing the panic says:
Ross says:
Ross says:
that band rocks.
Ross says:
although the real win?
Ross says:
"I'm an emo prairie dog."
doing the panic says:
no, the best part was "they refuse to subscribe to the fascism of the music industry."
doing the panic says:
"but The Fascism Of The Music Industry's a GREAT magazine!"
Ross says:
yeah, you just like that 'cause it's a publishing joke...
doing the panic says:
maybe I like publishing. what's it to ya?
Ross says:
nothing! It's nothing...
Ross says:
you wanna go to second base with publishing... it's no one's business but yours.
Ross says:
just be careful... publishing is all about COMMITMENT.
doing the panic says:
not like broadcasting.
Ross says:
no, broadcasting is a fucking slut.
doing the panic says:
don't I know it. jesus.
doing the panic says:
I was at this party and she got drunk and was ALL OVER the magazine industry...
doing the panic says:
poor blogging never got over her...he was totes sulking over in the corner and photojournalism had to sit there and cheer him up...
Ross says:
photojournalism gives a good sympathy handjob, I hear...
doing the panic says:
you would be correct.
Ross says:
Ross says:
blogging is probably never gonna get any, though...
Ross says:
too... independent. And dwells in the past. Always... tracking back.
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THIS is how badly I do not want to do my article. [
  //  Monday, April 2, 2007; 8:00 pm
[ mood | stupid ]

Hey there, boys, girls, and everyone in between! It's time for...
or, "I am downright amazed that my groceries have not yet expired"

Tonight we're gonna learn how to make a delicious Spinach And One And A Half Kinds Of Cheese Omelette! Delicious for breakfast, or dinner, if you're sick of making grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

You will need:
- 2 eggs
- a couple handfuls of spinach leaves (remember: they shrink like MAD once you cook 'em)
- some olive oil
- enough Philly Lite cream cheese to hold your spinach leaves together
- a little bit of cheddar cheese (grated, or really thinly sliced and broken up if you're lazy)
- salt and pepper

1. Spend ten minutes hunting through your big clear container of spinach leaves in order to find ones that are still nice and crisp and not weird and wilty. Chop 'em up!
2. Put them in a frying pan over medium heat and drizzle a little olive oil on them. Stir frequently until they reduce to what cooked spinach should look like (i.e. dark green and stringy).
3. Put your cooked spinach into a bowl and mix it up with your cream cheese. The cream cheese might be globby at first, but after it melts up a bit with the heat from the spinach it should make a nice sort of paste.
4. Crack your eggs into a bowl, mix 'em up, throw a little milk in there if you want to dilute your eggs a little. Re-grease your pan so your eggs don't stick and your omelette doesn't end up being a hideous sort of Frankendinner.
5. Pour eggs into pan. Cook until it's solid enough to flip over, then flip.
6. Spread your spinach and cream cheese mixture on half of your omelette, and sprinkle your cheddar on top. Fold the other side of your egg pancake over onto the side with the fixin's. Gently flip that over.
7. Serve with toast, ice cream, or leftover rice from the Chinese restaurant up the street. Do a victory dance.

** = Please note that if I did have a cooking show, it would be scored exclusively by Atom and his Package.

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  //  Friday, December 22, 2006; 10:38 am
[ mood | enthralled ]

The Decemberists / Stephen Colbert / Peter Frampton Guitar-Off

[weeps tears of joy]

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  //  Thursday, October 12, 2006; 11:06 pm
Bill Nye and Morrissey: together at last.
The Faster You Push Me, The Farther I Get [YouTube]
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44/50 [
  //  Tuesday, September 5, 2006; 9:59 pm
Okay, so Mission Spend Your Summer Reading has FAILED. But 44 and a half books in 4 months? Not bad. That's more than YOU did...so ha.
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  //  Tuesday, July 25, 2006; 5:03 pm


I'm only giving up my lunch money to buy one, people. Your vote counts.

NOTE: The Decemberists shirt is considerably less expensive so your vote may not actually count.
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I am turning into Ross [
  //  Friday, July 21, 2006; 7:31 pm
To quote the teenagers' great poet, Mr. Mick Jagger, "I am waiiiiii-TEENG."

Every day is just another square on the calendar to ride out. Thankfully, this seems to be working. The number of days until I go back to school is, yes, steadily diminishing (I understand this happens over time).
My kid sister just yelled at me to "save myself and go out", and I've been actually invited to get out of here tonight. I just never feel that motivated to leave my living room, but sometimes I guess I forget that not everything loses its lustre once you move it to Windsor. I shall attempt to kick my own ass out of the house and stop being such a creature of habit, because my habits are crap, and my friends are cool. So there.

In addition to unceremoniously stuffing my brain full of books, I've been constantly acquiring (thanks to both Dr. Disc and my dear CJM, who got me an indietorrents invite) more and more music. Natalia's latest obsessions include:

  • The Pipettes, who in addition to singlehandedly reviving Motown-era Phil Spector girl-pop, have excellent taste in dresses and have between the three of them bumped Natalia down another five points in the Great Drooling Over Girls Drive.

  • the new Sufjan Stevens outtakes record, The Avalanche. A dear colleague/Molester was on-the-fence about Sufjan's latest release, but to be frank with you, Blogosphere: I've been carting Illinois around with me in my tattered black best-of-the-best CD wallet [right between two different Smiths albums, a little down the way from Sebadoh and some Sloan bootlegs] for the better part of a year, but I can see myself spending even more time with The Avalanche actually sitting in the player.

    Illinois was glorious. It was festooned with the same painterly details as Michigan (my introduction to the Wide World of Silent Js back in 2004), but with cleaner production and an extra few pounds of torque. (Perhaps "torque" is not the best word to describe the works of indie-folk's presiding pastor, but look at it this way: if Michigan was a rusty old Galaxie ambling through the strangely picturesque K-Mart parking lots of the Great Lake State, Sufjan's last '50 States' installment was an Illi-noisy freight train chugging full-force up green, grassy swells of strings to "Chicago".) It had highs and lows and twists and banks and plenty of between-song interludes with ludicrous names, and the result was not a collection of songs but a living, breathing song cycle.

    The Avalanche, however, is more of (as Pitchfork said) a sketchbook for Sufjan rather than a full-fledged narrative. But it, too, has a strange sort of coherency; even the three re-workings of "Chicago" (all lovely) work well as plays on a central theme, or endpapers to three different parts of the album. I like to think of the record, however, as more like an Add-On Pak to a newly fashioned Build Your Own Album About Illinois Kit. As far as girls like me who spend most of their time with their mp3 players on shuffle are concerned, Illinois suffered from the infestation of forty-five second tracks that glued the actual songs together. Examining some of the additional material - which shares a sort of uniformly magical, firefly-counting-on-a-summer-evening glow - it's hard not to imagine an Illinois where tracks 2, 6, 11, 13, 16, 17, 18, and 21 could have been eliminated to make room for "The Perpetual Self" 's crunching guitars, the sprightly "Henney Buggy Band", or the whimsically robotic backing vocals of "Dear Mr. Supercomputer". Maybe instead of relegating such great stuff to B-side status, making them but footnotes in the great illustrated pop-up storybook of Mr. Stevens' ouevre, he could have sent them their separate ways. "Springfield" would have done just as well as the Springfield of Missouri or Kentucky or even New Jersey; that "runnin' outta Spriiiiiiiing-field" chorus is just too glorious to not be front and centre on a 22-track album. Assuming shadflies aren't exclusive to Illinois.

  • Smoosh. I wish I was half this cool when I was fifteen.
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      //  Wednesday, May 3, 2006; 11:29 am
    [ mood | okay ]

    Things are good here. Job applications are starting, friends are trickling back onto the scene, and the Windsor Star wants me to write an editorial about ridiculous signage in the area (i.e. the famed Yorktown Square neon behemoth). Playing lots of video games, watching lots of House, counting down to NEW YORK in SIX DAYS. And that's pretty much all. Everything's evening back out. Good-o.
    Guess who is Natalia's newest Myspace friend.

    The Office is a very good show. The BBC one, I mean. I haven't seen the American version yet. But I do know this: even if the US remake has Steve Carell...it'll never have Martin Freeman. I didn't think anything could be sexier than wearing a bathrobe on a spaceship, but I was wrong, because he's now jellying people's staplers in officewear. Lovely.

    And as an interlude, pirates. Who may or may not have gone to ROME.Collapse )

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    home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many paths to tread [
      //  Wednesday, March 22, 2006; 12:26 am
    [ mood | nostalgic ]

    Holy balls, new Thursday.
    Geoff's vocals need to be way higher up in the mix, because I've been waiting a long time to hear that wail again. I like this, though. Catchy. Even though it's, predictably, a little less angular or weird than Thursday were previously. I mean, it has a clear chorus and everything! A HOOK, for cryin' out loud! Strange, strange. Still, I'll never forget the day I met Geoff and ranted on for about ten minutes about how many parallels I found between War All The Time and Nineteen Eighty-Four. You do weird things when you're 16. But even though I have largely renounced the emo of my misguided youth, I still wear my Thursday sweater proudly. (Because six days out of seven, it confuses the crap out of people.) And I am still known to periodically play "Asleep In The Chapel", mostly for old times' sake, but also because it just fucking rules.

    But more importantly: Billy Boyd singing Jeff Buckley's "Lilac Wine".
    Oh, my gosh. I loved the song already (some girl put it on a mix tape for me that I got in a swap about a year ago), but - as I'm sure you all know - adding Billy Boyd to pretty much anything will just make Natalia like it about fifteen times more. (Evidently, he was playing this at RingCon 2005, so thanks to the conventionneers, who didn't scream through the recording like they did with my copy of Billy singing "Oh, Jean".) The bloke's got a lovely voice. As a matter of fact, I ask that you all excuse me while I take a minute to nerd out to my "Steward Of Gondor" mp3. Phwoaaaaaaaarrrrrr.

    I now own a Spinto Band KAZOO. (Together with my Ladies and Gentlemen tambourine, it currently makes up Natalia's Arsenal Of Band Merch Instruments.) They tried to give it to me for free because I said I already had Nice And Nicely Done, but I refused to accept it because I [gasp!] DOWNLOADED it. (Damn you, lone_concertina; along with your kind uploading comes GUILTTTT) So I slipped them a loonie on the sly, and their guitarist and I talked about gloves for a while. Apparently, chocolate bars (or "candy bars") are bigger in Canada...?

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      //  Friday, February 3, 2006; 12:40 pm
    [ mood | dirty ]

    Dear Folds;
    I have to say I'm really sorry. I'm sorry that I snubbed you for so long after Songs for Silverman came out. This is song is pretty glorious. How is it that I'd forgotten about your manic piano skillz, especially after Rockin The Suburbs was as solid as it was? I'd heard some negative stuff about the new album, and I purposely avoided spending that much time test-driving it in order to avoid being disappointed by one of my old heroes. But you, my friend, still rock the proverbial bitch.

    All I ask is that you bring Robert Sledge back.

    Yours, la Natalina.

    Februrockuary calendar --
    4th - Cut N Paste
    5th - Luke Doucet @ Nathan Phillips Square
    11th - Kevin Hearn @ Mitzi's Sister
    12th - Wavelength w/ Adorables and Ninja High School @ Sneaky Dee's
    17th - the Starting Line @ the Docks (one way or another...)
    25th - METRIC! w/ ISLANDS! and Holy Fuck @ Kool Haus

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      //  Friday, January 6, 2006; 3:48 pm
    [ mood | cynical ]

    Reasons Why Fall Out Boy Aren't Very Good, #25;

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      //  Thursday, December 29, 2005; 9:26 pm
    [ mood | public-posty! ]

    It's official, guys: I have a theme song! Or at least my OSMB persona does, anyhow. Out and about with the Junior Kickstarts...

    I have managed to locate what is almost certainly the greatest meeting between sci-fi and Engrish since All Your Base: Star Wars Episode III: Backstroke Of The West. There were some pretty brilliant LOTR and Harry Potter English-to-Chinese-to-English subtitle fiascos kicking around the Intarweb, but this one takes the cake. What's better; the fact that "NOOOOO!" is translated as "DO NOT WANT!" or the fact that 'Jedi Order' becomes 'Presbyterian Church'?

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      //  Thursday, November 3, 2005; 1:55 pm

    it's under my bed, it's never been read, it's in with my school stuff and my mum never cleans there

    Comment if you wish, party people.
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      //  Wednesday, November 2, 2005; 8:08 pm
    How did I forget about you again?
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    uhh...whatev. [
      //  Saturday, October 29, 2005; 1:28 pm
    [ mood | it's so nice and sunny outside ]

    UGH. I missed Chris Murphy on the Loop. Stupid Loop. I wonder if my Broadcast group will get mad if I stay in the house until 11:10 to see it tomorrow. "Yeah, I know I'm late to film an assignment that's worth ten per cent of our mark, and I have all our camera equipment...but it was FOR SLOAAAAN!"

    Why is my new JEW EP not copying? They don't appear to have put any of those soul-destroying copy-protection things on it.

    Someone buy me the Cure's Disintegration. $21.99 my Aunt Fanny.

    I wish I lived in Toronto so I could work at HMV. Seriously, every time I'm in there I just get consumed by envy. And inevitably, I have a really fun time talking to the guys and gals at the cash. Next year that place is MINE.

    My sister is CRACKED...OUT. AHAHAHA.

    Last night we went to the O'Keefe party at the Ram, which essentially entailed paying five bucks to get into an empty pub. We ate and then decided it was too cold to go anywhere, so we went to Amanda's, cracked open some Smirnoff Ices, and watched Zoolander and Excel Saga (WHICH IS HILARIOUS). As usual, I didn't get drunk, just very, very sleepy. But I did get to go home and get accosted by Amber and Katherine. "OMGWEARESOWASTED!" "Dears, I need to go sleep now. Get out of my room." "AHAHAH OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY"
    I was amused. Crazy young whippersnappers. XD

    These guys are the most Hallowe'eny band ever. They will always remind me of dancing with an Oompa Loompa. Joy!

    My family sent me a big gift basket from the Dominion with a bunch of candy and some crocuses growing in a Jack O Lantern planter (!!!). My family are great.

    I think my library books are overdue.

    Progress report: still angsty, still lonely, still mad at the world, and you're still no help to me.

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    I have had "Chester the Molester" stuck in my head ALL NIGHT. [
      //  Tuesday, October 25, 2005; 10:13 pm
    [ mood | lazy ]

    'cause it's hotter than lava at the centre of a sauna but you know you're gonna get it when I get you where I wanna - OH NO!!!

    Things I Could Do With My Cheque For $57.75 From the Used Book Room:
    a.) put it all toward the Dead Mirror Fund (which isn't very pressing, since the school won't know about it until the end of the semester, and I'll always have my loan from the Bank of Staniel...then again, it's always best to plan ahead, y'know.)
    b.) use it to pay off my insane phone and Internet bill (probably the wisest idea, since it would alleviate the strain on my Montreal spending money somewhat)
    c.) buy Pretty Together, A Sides +DVD, and Spinto Band and Maughams CDs (one very happy and very financially unstable Nat)
    d.) buy either Spinto Band or Maughams and use the rest to take care of half my phone bill (but I don't really NEED them...and I'd rather just get all my debt out of the way. Until Ryerson decides to nail me for even more money. Then again, the interest rate is only like 1% a month, so it's not like it all needs to get paid immediately.)

    Clearly, e.) wins.
    Uh...I wanted to do open mic night tomorrow, but this article is eating my face. I've got one interview down (a_frayn, homie, you have come through wonderfully), one scheduled, two pending. And I'm hoping one of those last two blokes gets back to me before tomorrow night.
    So I guess I shall have to go rock the pub next week when I'm not writing my Hitler essay. On the setlist will be two Jay-ish tunes and one song TBA. Maybe "Writing Slash (About Your Band)", if I finish it. Rebeccas...I'm guessing you guys'll want that one? ^__^

    I have laundry in the washer, and I really want a haircut. And that's all.

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      //  Sunday, October 23, 2005; 4:33 pm
    [ mood | blah ]

    I put these up so I could 'save target as' them, but y'all can have them too. It's the Spinto Band. If I didn't have to pay to replace my broken bathroom mirror for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW (hey, Jugo Juice, you can start scheduling me now) I would be out buying their CD AT THIS VERY MOMENT IN TIME.
    Oh, Mandy (used in a Sears commercial, echhh)
    Brown Boxes
    Crack The Whip

    I am compelled to dislike Sam Roberts. He is beardy and the Canadian equivalent of Jack Johnson. But why oh why do I enjoy every song of his that I hear? Sam, you may be winning me over yet!

    Bella, Showroom and The Fembots are great too.
    Ugh. Someone get me away from Myspace. I HAVE A MIDTERM TO STUDY FOR.

    Christiana + Carly + Jory + Trina + Katelyn + Natalia x sushi on Queen St. = a fun time!
    The critics are raving! "It was like eating lunch with 3 natalias, one best friend of 3 natalias, and a natalia cousin." - Ah-Joreh Graham
    (Where have all the Gibbards gone?)

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    someone tell me that it isn't weird that I was SK when he put out SME-ARED [
      //  Saturday, October 22, 2005; 10:50 pm
    [ mood | uuugh...sleeeep ]

    Today at Kensington Market, one fedora and two pairs of green cowboy boots were purchased. (But not by me.) I ended up with a pair of mix-tape earrings (supporting local crafters, yee-hah!), a scarf with stars all over it, and an unnaturally bitchin' army jacket. I spent $70. And my wallet is weeping openly. But Stanzo and Carly each spent $200. Then again, I live here. If I ever get the urge for cowboy boots, I can just go to Kensington and drop more money on stuff I don't need.

    SOMEONE START A BAND WITH ME. Because somehow I don't think that this power-pop tribute to certain extroverted Haligonian bassists song is going to finish itself.

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    I want the one I can't HAAAVE! and it's driving me MAAAAD! [
      //  Friday, October 21, 2005; 6:57 pm
    [ mood | oooh, shiny! ]

    Urf. Yes, healing-over should be well underway by now, and yes, it isn't your fault, but did I ever officially state just how fucking UNFAIR this is?
    [stomp stomp stomp]

    I have an Audioscrobbler account now! Check THIS sexy thing out!

    OH YEAH.
    I also cleaned my room, vacuumed my room, wrote a 10-page (double-spaced, handwritten) essay on Jane Eyre, listened to the Maughams because they are fantastic, and fixed the letters on my new "B-SIDE HUNTER" t-shirt.

    The guys on either side of me must know all the words to "Waterfalls" and "The Lines You Amend" by now. OI, BETH - you said you'd come by the pub next time I played. And I'm holding you to that. I need to perfect one more Jay song and it will be Jay Ferguson Appreciation Night at the Ram in the Rye. And we will dance in the streets like giddy children...

    (Partying with the kid sibs and the not-really-my-cousin in t-two hours! Whee!)

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